Haul, Block and Launch

Haul, Block and Launch

Posted by Moonbird | March 11, 2018 | Storage
haul block and launch north carolina

An 88-ton Marine Travel lift is located on site at Cape Fear Boat Works at our facility on the Cape Fear River. We can accept vessels with beams up to 25′ and lengths up to 150′. Check our rates or contact our team for more information or a free quote.


  • Haul, Block, and Launch (under 65ft) $12 per ft.
  • Haul for Inspection & Launch $11 per ft (1Hour)
  • Haul, Block, and Launch (65ft & over) $14 per ft..
  • Pressure Wash Bottom $80 per hr.
  • Loading and unloading from trailer $15 per ft.
  • Splash rails add $2 per ft.

Skipper Brummett, M/V Sea Wolf

“Without Cape Fear Boat Works I would have never found the Sea Wolf. This yard makes it easy to work on your own boat and the crew sends me in the right direction when I am looking for parts.”